Here at Dallaire Consultants, we customize the position we seek to fill to the talent in front of us, and we strive to propel the professional development of our employees. If this philosophy appeals to you, come build the future with us!

The quality of our relationships with our employees and the solid bond with our collaborators give us a leg up on the competition

Our team is at the heart of our approach. You’re one of us if you value a friendly work atmosphere, convivial relationships, and colleague support. These values allow us to maintain a creative and innovative work environment conducive to best practices and the continuous improvement of our team members.

Let's start our relationship with an employment opportunity that we can turn into a career.

Most of the employees have been with us for many years. Our secret? Listening to their needs and continuously working towards meeting them.

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Site Supervisor – Candidate bank

Building Mechanical Engineer – OPEN POSITION

Building Electrical Engineer – OPEN POSITION

Building Electrical Designer – OPEN POSITION

Building Mechanical Designer – OPEN POSITION

Building Electrical Draftsperson – Candidate bank

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